The Education Extreme team are experienced media presenters.

Having presented and contributed on TV and Radio, if you’d like to book them or use them for a show, you can be safe in the knowledge that they can deliver content dynamically and succinctly with professional timing and a smile on their face!

Check out some of the Media bits that we’ve managed to get our hands on and hasn’t disappeared into the aether. If you’d like to book any of the team for Media work, please contact us.
Lift a Person with Phone Books
In this HeadSqueeze video, Education Extreme Founder Huw James takes the Friction Demo to a whole new dimension! Just like we use friction in sports, Huw uses the friction of hundreds of pages of a telephone book to hang himself from a gantry.

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Huw James on the
Alan Titchmarsh Show
Our Founder Huw James has been interviewed on a variety of TV shows including the Alan Titchmarsh Show! He went in to show Alan how friction is used in Rock Climbing and how science is all around us in everyday life.

At Education Extreme we’re all about showing how science is in everyday things and sport is certainly an everyday thing for us!