The Education Extreme Team have years of Science Festival experience behind them. The team have performed feature shows at Cambridge, Cheltenham, Hong Kong, Wrexham, British, Abu Dhabi and Manchester Science Festival to name but a few! They know what it takes to make a good festival event and you can rest assured that they’ll do all they can to put on a great show!

The Festival events that Education Extreme run can be made to be as BIG or as *small* as the festival would like, in terms of audience size and atmosphere. One thing we do brilliantly is big feature events with the grandeur of extreme sports woven together with the drama of the science in there too. Audiences can be as small as 10 to over 1000, its only the dynamism and the intimacy that changes, never the quality or the enjoyment.
There’s nothing more important to us than School Events! We believe that Education Extreme events are great aids to the learning environment in primary and secondary schools throughout the UK and the world. The Education Extreme Team have been to hundreds of schools and seen tens of thousands of students! You can bet that your students will be in with a good show! Whether its a show or a workshop you want, for your year 4 or year 10, the Ed-Ex team will put an extreme view on the STEM subjects that are woven in to the sports!

The school events that Education Extreme run can be made to be as BIG or as *small* as the school likes. You could use a show as an after school event for a hand full of students, maybe for a specific class? Or you could go all out and invite the local schools and the press and make a big deal of it, the team will always rise to the occasion! Shows usually work best in a school hall with a few hundred students and teachers. We find the big shows bring a more dynamic feel to the event and students get into the action, though the small intimate crowds work very well for a more intimate feel with question and answers too.
Our shows are all Risk Assessed and we have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance, available on request.

Drop the Education Extreme team a line if you’d like them to come along to your festival. Choose from our shows, workshops and feature events to get a quote and we’ll do our darndest to make sure you get what you’re looking for, with an extreme spin!
Extreme Sports
Extreme Sports
We get told that science is all around us… but what about halfway up a huge cliff, or free falling from 10,000 feet? Jumping from building to building or cycling through an alpine pass? Science is in even the most extreme of sports. In fact, it is even more important in these high adrenaline, action packed adventures.

See how risky rock climbing really is and what it’s like to fall at terminal velocity through the earth’s thin atmosphere. Join us on a tour of these adventure sports and the science behind them. Maybe you too will become an Extreme Scientist!
Extreme Sports Reloaded
An interactive science show based on the massively popular original Extreme Sports Show seen by tens of thousands of people across the globe. The Reloaded Edition of the Extreme Sports Show brings Extreme Sports right up to date with some of the most modern sports the adrenaline-fuelled world has to offer!

We take an in-depth look at the aerodynamic properties of base jumpers and wing suits, including the highest jump of all from the Red Bull Stratos! We see the high flying world of the X fighters and cliff divers looking at trajectories and torque forces on athletes as they fly through the air! Back down on the ground, we delve into the elastic world of slacklining and the engineering forces behind it plus how basketballs and football players can do some unbelievable tricks.

This action packed show looks at the simple science behind five adrenaline sports! Join us in this amazing show and maybe you too will become an Extreme Scientist!
Science Rocks Logo
Science Rocks
This first-of-its-kind activity will contextualise science and sport in a way that has never been done before. The Education Extreme Team will show the science behind Rock Climbing Live on a Mobile Climbing Wall. The 20 minute show will cover Centre of Mass with the team hanging from automatic belays on the wall, Climbing Technology with Strength Testers, testing the gear to breaking point, Friction with co-efficient of friction testing live on the wall, and Physiology with speed climbing competitions between the Education Extreme Coaches and the Climbing Instructor plus a whole lot more!

Then for 40 minutes, the audience get to put the science in to action straight away, contextualising the science they’ve just learnt in the show. This opens up a whole new world of learning where the public don’t need to extrapolate to visualise where the science is used, they see and do it right there and then. Science Rocks is a brand new concept brought together by the Education Extreme Team and Boulders Climbing Centre in Cardiff.
Exo Games Logo
The Exo Games
The solar system and the planets beyond are pretty extreme places. But we’ve got a bunch of people right here on earth who consider themselves pretty extreme too! Thrill seekers head out daily to find the best spots to climb the biggest rocks, the best seas to surf that golden wave, the best snow to carve an amazing line.

But what if we could go anywhere, do anything. Would 7km of canyon on Mars be high enough to get your adrenaline pumping? Would Wakeboarding on the methane seas of Titan satisfy our needs? Or would Scuba Diving on the moons of Jupiter be the ultimate thrill? In this short talk, we visit the planets and beyond looking for the best spots for extreme sports in our solar system and beyond. Led by Astronomer and Adventurer Huw James, perhaps one day this dream may be a reality!
Fit for Sport
Fit for Sport
The Fit for Sport workshop looks at getting students more involved in sport. The workshop measures scientific parameters of the students including flexibility, agility, strength and more. The purpose of the workshop is to analyse the abilities of the students that are tested and steer them towards sports and activities that they’ll be naturally good at. With this idea, all students can try sports that they are disposed to genetically/physically.

These workshops are based on the Wellcome Trust In the Zone School boxes and the demonstrations and experiments found within them. This means Schools can extend the workshops into the classroom and continue the learning throughout the year!
We learn how to use our body and mind from the moment we’re born. And then we go to school to develop our minds but our body gets left behind. In this workshop, Gymnast and Ed-Ex Coach Tracy Morris takes students through a tour of their bodies. They learn how to purposefully use their bodies and how their brain can take control of the body it’s in.

For Upper and Lower ages of Primary school, this session is for all abilities. It is a session to develop the use of the body for all ages. Tracy will use gymnastic ideas and primary learning techniques to encourage students to play around with their body, learn its limitations but be able to push past them too!

Enquire with the Education Extreme team about booking this workshop for your class!